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Born 1981 Hollywood, Fl

Lives/Works Long Island City, NY

(in progress)

1992: broke left wrist

1993: moved from childhood home due to gang activity

1996: moved to house in the everglades with haunted backyard, met P.L.

1997: found riot grrrl movement, wrote first zine, shaved head

1998: studied with seventh generation healer, Sara Reese

1999: met T.G.

2000: moved to Sarasota, FL

2001: dreadlock-ed hair

2003: shaved head for 2nd time

2003-2004: Crossley Gallery co-director with Jenny Lang

2004: moved to NYC

2004-2005: lived in Chelsea

2006:studied with Petah Coyne and Tommy Lanigan- Schmidt, had studio visit with Tracey Emin, featured artist on

2005-2006: lived in Lower East Side, started studying Buddhism

2006: moved to Long Island City

2007: Make up artist for PRAXIS: Dreams and Possibilities at the Whitney Museum

2008: met Diana Prince,collaborated on KittenKore, formed lady drag persona: Nicolette Deerborne

2010: residency at Jamaica Center for the Arts, began "my imaginary cuba", a writing project,met Dapper Bruce

2011:  Received reiki certifications

2012: Began Tarot Project, met Lama La

2019: Traveled to Nepal

2021: Began Ngondro, started "Espirtu y Santos:Oda a la Madre Divina" sculpture series

2022: Opened Khandro Norbu Mala Shop

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